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    | Mar 28, 2013
    The spring is in the air and we can definitely feel the whiff of warm air and the exciting promise of sexy wear, beautiful hues and sheer textures. This excitement is also evident in the runways with a number of very chic and feminine looks to watch out and the good news is that they are also relatively easy to pull off.

    The emphasis this spring is on black and white looks, which is one of the most wearable trends as suitable for the office as for a day night. The bold stripes are also very hot this season especially if you combine a striped tuxedo jacket with high-waist pants and a sheer cropped top to lengthen your lines.  Don’t forget to put on pointy shoes to match your ladylike bag to achieve a true spring chic.

    Another very cool trend has to do with the slouchy Bermuda shorts that are perfect when combined with an over-sized white shirt, which is another must-have this season. To finish off this pretty flattering look, you can add the pointy heels from the 90’s, which are definitely back and very modernized with cylindrical heels or straps. The geometric of this ensemble can be enhanced with a chic tote and earrings in block color accents.

    The fashion influences from the Middle East, Japan and India can make a spectacular evening wear with their beautiful patterns, silk and golden embellishments. Accessories here are very important and adorned with the essential oriental blossoms – you should definitely spice up your look with a splash of color and gladiator sandals, which are very hot this season.

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  • Trend report

    | Jan 29, 2013

    Yes, it is winter 2013, and for most of us this means dressing warm. But warm does not mean boring and the new trend report is animal prints.

    My personal favorite is when lighter materials, such as silk, are combined with leather. Tough and very feminine at the same time.

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