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    | Oct 27, 2011

    Undeniably, we are all enthused by designers’ runaways and haute couture. But what truly inspires us are all the chic ladies gracing the city streets. All stylish women out there who showcase a great sense of beauty and style deserve admiration. We are in awe of their inexhaustible creativity and talent to pull a unique look out of their own wardrobe every day.

    Here are some bright ideas on how to look chic and trendy on the street!

    Gery makes a bold color statement. She is styled in a multicolored satin tunic by Axara patterned in playful stripes and circles. She favored a wide palette of colors like purple, sky blue, teal, beige and bronze. A cool sky blue leather jacket by Blend, teal tights and high leather boots by Shoe Art make Gery’s look even more daring.

    And of course, matching accessories are a must. Check out this cute purple purse by Benetton, combined with a purple leather wrap belt by Zara and purple cashmere scarf.

    Angie shows off a powerful combination of winter neutrals. She hits the streets with a compilation of chic classics including a black shirt by Vila, black leggings, charcoal draped cardigan by Zara and tan leather riding boots by Bronx.

    To inject some perkiness into her look, Angie accessorized with a beige elastic rhinestone belt by Zara and clustered beaded necklace and earrings by Jo’style.

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    | Oct 20, 2011

    Patterns add so much fun and multiplicity to our look. The fall runways were an explosion of color and pattern with chaotic mixture of prints and texture. You’ll be very a la mode if you dare to wear stripes with florals and plaids with graphics. Here are some fun patterned outfit suggestions from La Koketa to get your creative juices flowing!

    Angie challenged a bold and quirky combination of stripes and polka dots. She is styled in a belted balloon-sleeved top by Miss Sixty in cantaloupe, cobalt, black and white – a  mighty blast of colors and prints!

    Balloon denim shorts by TRF in solid ink color simplify her outfit, combined with chocolate leather boots by Nine west and a brown suede bag by Gap. She accessorized with black oversized sunglasses by Max&Co and purple rhinestone earrings.

    Gery chose a more gentle and discrete pattern resembling sprinkled trees. She is wearing a satin grey tunic dress by Only with granite, magenta and cantaloupe sprinkles, grey riding leather boots from Shoe Art and a black tote by Guess.

    She glammed up her outfit with a black and gold chain belt by Zara, a salmon cuff bracelet and black square sunglasses by Miu Miu.

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