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    | Mar 08, 2012

    Happy International Women’s Day! To all the lovely and stylish ladies out there, here’s another dose of awe-inspiring spring fashion!

    Undoubtedly, one of the most feminine and beautiful trends this spring is peplum since it puts an accent to one of the most delicate and sexy parts of a woman’s body – the waist. Peplum reigned supreme on most designers’ runaways in plenty variations. Some designers envisioned peplum as small pleats attached to the end of shirts and jackets, while other peplums were almost as long as a miniskirt and worn over a longer slim-fitted skirt.

    Regardless of how the peplum is attached to your outfit, make sure you pair it with some tight pieces. A baggy top and bottom with a peplum over might look sloppy and spoil the flare feminine effect of the peplum. So a good combination might be a peplum top with fitted shorts or pencil skirt, and a bustier dress with a flare at the waist and hips over a tight skirt.

    According to the Pantone Color Institute, one of the most popular colors of spring 2012 is Tangerine Tango, a radiant red-orange hue spotted all over the catwalks. And this is not a fortuitous trend. Tangerine Tango will give you the energy boost you need so desperately after the long and cold winter. Orange stands for vitality, urgency and strength, so hopefully this vibrant color will bring good changes into your life.

    In case tangerine isn’t your citrus of choice, there are plenty more shades of orange to choose from, like pumpkin, coral, rust and burnt orange. 

    Shine bright in a sexy tangerine dress! To tone down your outfit, you can bring in some shoes and accessories in gold, silver or beige.

    Last but not least, one of the most daring trends this season: BOLD PRINTS. From digital imaging like tropical and jungle patterns, to mirror-like geometric shapes and oversized florals.

    And even a super bold combination of all these prints in one outfit. Only the most confident fashionista can pull that look off! The bold-patterned cloth should be the standout piece in an outfit. To make it  even more prominent, try pairing it with solid colors that compliment the pattern.

    Floral prints are a hit for yet another season but this spring they come in oversize forms. The same rule reigns here. Combine a floral piece of clothing with shoes, bags and accessories in complimenting solid colors to avoid crowdedness. 

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